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Comprehensive Coverage

FundProfiler is powered by Fundata Canada Inc., a leading provider of Canadian investment fund data. Through FundProfiler, financial advisors gain access to detailed financial information on over 24,000 investment fund products within the Canadian marketplace. With over 850 data points at their fingertips, advisors have an unparalleled ability to research, filter, screen, compare and analyze specific security selection for client portfolios. Here are the main categories of data you’ll have access to:

For Mutual Funds:

  • General fund information
  • Advanced risk metrics
  • Pricing and distribution information
  • Detailed performance calculations
  • Portfolio analytics

For ETFs:

  • General fund information
  • Advanced risk metrics
  • Pricing and distribution information
  • Detailed performance calculations
  • Portfolio analytics
  • Market valuation

For Stocks:

  • Financials
  • Income
  • Market valuation

Data Accuracy and Timeliness

Fundata, Canada’s most accurate mutual fund database powers FundProfiler.

To ensure data quality, each business day Fundata:
  • Sources data directly from Canada’s investment funds
  • Applies a rigorous 13-step validation process
  • Utilizes robust business logic to facilitate data import

FundProfiler ensures that users have access to the latest available Canadian investment fund pricing and performance data with daily and monthly updates.

Search Functionality

FundProfiler’s powerful search functionality and simple navigation make it easy to research Canadian investment fund products.

Using quick or advanced search criteria, financial advisors can analyze or compare multiple investment products. Search results can be saved for future access.

FundProfiler also allows you to view the daily updated best- and worst-performing investment products in the Canadian investment fund market.

Custom Views: Mutual Funds, ETFs and Stocks

With the financial advisor in mind, FundProfiler was built with a “Custom View” tab that allows you to specify the information you want to see. In the “Custom View” tab you can focus on the important financial information used in your analysis and recommendation process.

Watch and Analyze

Create individual watch lists for investment funds, ETFs and stocks or combine them all into specific investment objectives.

Advisors can add investments they want to track to any watch list directly from their search results or access the lists from a centralized location for easy management – edit lists. It’s easy and intuitive.

Furthermore, the watch list lets you conduct in-depth comparisons and analysis of any five similar investment types, head-to-head. The watch list is a fantastic tool to help you make fast and informed decisions.

Professional PDF Reports

Present clients with detailed PDF reports on any investment fund within the Canadian marketplace. With access to professional two-page PDF fund reports at the click of a button, you can increase the effectiveness of client presentations with these professional-quality, personalized and powerful tools.

Dynamic PDF reports are updated with the most accurate and comprehensive data, and are presented in an organized and intuitive layout.

Quickly email or print these high-impact reports personalized with your name for instant brand recognition in your client communications.


Fundata’s FundGrade rating system assists investors, financial advisors, and portfolio managers to easily, quickly and objectively rank over 7,000 investment funds within the Canadian investment fund universe.

The FundGrade rating system assigns a letter grade to each fund every month. From a grade of “A” (indicating superior past performance) to “E” (indicating poor past performance), the FundGrade rating system employs an advanced, risk-adjusted approach to rank the performance of each qualifying investment fund. A fund’s performance is evaluated not only in terms of returns but also in terms of amount of risk taken to generate those returns.

FundGrade can be employed in your detailed search criteria for all funds and ETFs, and can be used to quickly sort funds in the search results. Engage FundGrade in investment research and analysis and point out the rating in the PDF fund reports – clients will appreciate your validation of fund selection as A-Grade achievers.

Key benefits
  • Comparing funds against peers
  • Identifying top-performing funds
  • Promoting a fund’s exceptional performance in marketing materials
  • Assisting in selection of high-quality funds

FundGrade A+® Rating

The FundGrade A+® Rating takes the FundGrade ratings to a whole new level. The FundGrade A+® Rating identifies funds with not only the best risk-adjusted returns but also those demonstrating the highest level of consistency. Very simply, the Fundata A+® Rating is awarded annually to funds that achieve consistently high FundGrade scores through an entire calendar year.
Look for the “A+” icon with a respective year on the high-impact PDF fund reports.

For more information on FundGrade and FundGrade A+®, visit


The purpose of the Fundata Prospectus Risk Indices is to compare the performance and volatility of prospectus-issuing funds with similar risk classifications. The indices are designed to provide financial advisors with a powerful tool for comparing fund performance and volatility among risk peers for their clients’ investment portfolios.

The indices track the performance and risk-return profiles of the constituent mutual funds in each of the five Prospectus Risk Rating groups:
  • Low Risk
  • Low to Medium Risk
  • Medium Risk
  • Medium to High Risk
  • High Risk

This unique segmentation of the Canadian retail fund market space allows financial advisors to determine whether or not a fund is categorized with the appropriate risk classification and whether the level of return is acceptable for the given risk level. The perfect tool to accurately match a fund for a client’s portfolio based on KYC investment objectives and risk tolerance. Look for it in the two page PDF fund report.

For more information on FundGrade and FundGrade A+®, visit

Portfolio Tracker

The portfolio tracking feature within FundProfiler enables financial advisors to organize and track multiple client portfolios as well as analyze portfolios based on different criteria including performance, growth, distributions, risk and allocations.

Financial advisors can also produce powerful graphs and reports to exhibit the portfolio’s progress and make investment recommendations to clients. The Portfolio Management feature provides you with the capability to analyze the diversification of each client’s investments by viewing the top holdings and allocations of the entire portfolio. It is updated on a daily basis, so you’re assured of the most current data.